Thermal Stability Mechanism Of PVC

- Jun 26, 2017 -

In the process of processing, the thermal decomposition of PVC for other properties change little, mainly affect the color of finished products, adding the heat stabilizer can inhibit the initial coloring of the product, when the HCL mass fraction of the removal reaches 0.1, PVC color began to change, depending on the number of conjugated double bonds formed, PVC will show different colors (yellow, orange, red, brown, black).

If there is oxygen in the process of thermal decomposition of PVC, will be the formation of colloidal carbon, peroxide, carbonyl and ester compounds, but in the product used for a long time, the thermal degradation of PVC material has a great impact on the performance of the addition of heat stabilizer can delay the degradation of PVC time or reduce the degree of PVC degradation.