PVC Stabilizer Selection Guidelines

- Feb 20, 2018 -

Polyvinyl chloride process, the heat stabilizer is critical, how to choose the right stabilizer to consider the main factors of the price brand, product safety, product performance, product batch stability, product and service and several other factors. The following combination of stabilizer characteristics, the specific introduction:

1, the price of brand factors

   At the time of purchase of materials, the consideration of price factors sometimes exceeded that of other factors, which we all understand. The price is flat, choose a big brand will have a better product quality, brand effect from the product, count the brand value of publicity, choose a big brand premium value will far exceed the price of stabilizer itself.

2, product safety factors

   Now people are more and more aware of environmental protection, including the production process and the use process. Hope that the environment and personal effects no harmful, and now PVC stabilizer in the lead salt stabilizer has gradually been gradually restricted at the national level, Europe has begun to limit in 2010, we sell the stabilizer with environmentally friendly calcium-zinc composite stabilizer and To prevent dust pollution lead salt complex stabilizer, the domestic pipe association has been promoting the lead-free pipework, other industries will also follow up, the use of calcium zinc environmentally friendly stabilizer is the trend. We sell stabilizer of calcium and zinc stabilizer with food contact and can be used for toys varieties, which have passed the EU, the United States related certification.

3, product performance factors

   The properties to consider when choosing a stabilizer include the thermal dynamic stability of the process, the ease of use of the process, and the stability of the product in the later stages.

   The dynamic thermal stability of the processing affects the discoloration and decomposition of the PVC processing. It is the main factor that determines whether the qualified products can be processed. It also needs to consider the issue of producing the qualified products with the least cost under the premise of appropriate amount. According to different applications, such as PVC pipe, wire and cable materials, soft products, weather strips, artificial leather, film, flooring, sheet metal profiles and other applications, choose different types of composite PVC stabilizer to meet the dynamic thermal stability of PVC production Sex, the ease of processing, the stability of the product requirements.

4, product stability factors

   Product batch stability is actually a product quality performance of the project, but the actual use of the process is a troubling issue, the need to control the quality of raw materials procurement batches, the quality control of the production process, the batch control of product testing, etc. Control of each environment, as well as factors that take into account the quality of the customer's raw materials. PVC stabilizer in product development and product quality control, to work very strict way to control the consideration, as an important indicator of control projects.

5, product service factors

  Product services include technical services and business services.

   The technical service of PVC stabilizer is very important at the beginning, including formulation adjustment, optimization of processing technology, testing of product performance and so on. It requires a specialized localization technical service team to provide customers with testing and processing of formulations Optimization, formulation of product performance comparison test and other technical support services.



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