Development Status Of Anti-scour Modifier

- Jun 26, 2017 -

At present, the main varieties of anti-scour modifier in China is CPE, the variety is 60, the 70 's the use of the varieties of the year has been reduced, and the comprehensive performance of the ACR-type and Mils device small scale, production is not much.

21st century to vigorously develop the ACR anti-scour modifier, the introduction and development of the combination, in particular, based on domestic universities and research institutes, design a scientific and advanced nuclear shell structure of the impact-resistant modified products, construction of tons of production equipment; under the conditions of raw materials, the construction of tons of Mils devices, CPE in addition to the use of some of the anti-Chong modifier, to increase in the field of elastomer applications, and actively develop new types of impact modifier, new varieties.