Compatibility Of Thermal Stabilizer For PVC

- Jun 26, 2017 -

It is always hoped that the PVC stabilizer will be dispersed easily and be used for long time after the product is made. However, when the compatibility of the stabilizer is poor, it will move from the inside of the product to the external surface, and finally remain on the surface of the product, if the sprayed substance is powdery solid matter, it is called spray frost; if the liquid is sprayed, it's called "sweating."

In general, some metal soaps, lubricants and maleic acid ester organic tin, it is easy to cause the frost; The PVC stabilizer such as phosphite ester and phosphoric acid ester will also increase the spray frost, the metal soap and the small electronegativity of the metal spray cream are less; the aromatic acid is less than the root of the fatty acid, the longer the carbon chain in the root of the fatty acids is, the more.