Characteristics Of PVC Heat Stabilizer

- Aug 22, 2017 -

Characteristics of PVC heat stabilizer

(1) compatibility

People always hope that PVC stabilizers are easy to disperse in combination with the products and be used for a long time without precipitation. However, when the compatibility of the stabilizer is not good, it will move from the interior of the product to the outside surface and finally stay on the surface of the product. If a ejecta is a powdery solid substance, it is called a spray; if it is a liquid, it is called perspiration"

In general, some metal soap, lubricants and maleic acid organic tin, easy to cause spray cream; phosphite, phosphate and other PVC stabilizers will also increase the spray frost. For metal soap, less electronegative metal spray cream; aromatic acid less than fat root spray cream; fatty acid in the carbon chain longer, frost more serious.

(2) transparency

Transparency of 1.PVC stabilizers and products

Organotin compounds, especially maleic acid esters and mercaptan organotin stabilizer, PVC is a good transparency, mainly in hard transparent products; metal soap is transparent, translucent products used in inorganic lead salt; opaque, opaque products can only be used in.

2. albinism

Transparent plastic products, if soaked in water or exposed to the sun, or by bending, stretching and so on, will produce albinism, loss of transparency. Water whitening, refers to a transparent plastic plate immersed in water for some time and appear whitish opaque phenomenon; whitening exposure refers to the plastic hard board is placed in the air, the moisture in the atmosphere, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and showing the effect of light stress whitening phenomenon; refers to the plastic products in the mechanical force, crease the emergence of albinism.

3. fish eye bubbles

A transparent or translucent sheet of plastic is observed when facing the light, and a thin, translucent, fish like small round particle is seen in the sheet. This is the fish eye". "Bubbles" is caused by the imbalance of the volatile components or processability of the PVC stabilizers



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