Application Range Of Calcium Stearate

- Jun 26, 2017 -

1. Stabilizer.

Calcium stearate can be used as a stabilizer of polyvinyl chloride, but also has a good lubrication properties, the raw material can be applied to food packaging film, such as the demand for non-toxic soft products. And this product can also be used as a number of products lubricants and release agents, such as amino resin, phenolic resin and so on.

2. Lubricating the solution Card agent.

This product can be used in the oilfield industry as a lubricating solution agent hard products can improve the speed of gel, and this product can be used as a halogen absorbent polyethylene, to eliminate the residual catalyst on the product color and stability of the bad effect, at the same time this product added in the rubber can be very good to soften the synthetic rubber and Nr.

3. Adhesive Agent.

Calcium stearate not only has good stabilizer and lubricant, but also is a good adhesive, and has water resistance.

4. Attachment.

Many people may not think that the product is also used in cosmetics, this product can be used in cosmetics to powder lubrication, adhesion has a good performance.