Analysis On The Cause Of Popular Of Calcium Stearate

- Jun 26, 2017 -

Hard salt products in the plastic additives industry is one of the most popular additives, among them, stearic acid calcium, zinc stearate and so on is particularly prominent, and stearic acid calcium, zinc stearate, although hot, but in fact not as a separate additives to use, which is related to the characteristics of hard salt products.

As the calcium stearate can not effectively inhibit the discoloration of PVC, it can not be used alone, usually as a synergistic stabilizer with zinc stearate and other auxiliary heat stabilizer, constitute the so-called "Calcium zinc Stabilizer", applicable to PVC food packaging equipment, tubes, mineral water bottles, blow plastic hose, medical soft products, sheet, film, hose, artificial leather, doors and windows profiles, sheet materials, such as soft, hard PVC products processing.

In the calcium and zinc composite stabilizer system, should pay attention to hard calcium and hard zinc and other additives, the proportion of hard calcium is too low, the initial heat stability efficiency is not good, the proportion is too high, the PVC products are easy to yellowing, poor weather resistance.