What role does PE wax play in PVC?

- Jun 26, 2017 -

PE wax has a very strong polarity center of a very long non-polar carbon chain, its structure in the polar and plastic-compatible parts of the lubrication, in the polarity with the plastic incompatible parts of the external lubrication and stripping effect.

The important application of PE wax in PVC processing, compared with the fatty acid lubricant, it will not adversely affect the melt tension and vicat softening point, and provide excellent adhesion and control flow effect, in the special processing method can be used to control the melting of PE wax.

Even if the amount of addition is very good compatibility with other components, PE wax is the only known plastic lubricant can be both internal lubrication and external lubrication (demoulding effect), while maintaining a high degree of transparency, excellent lubricant with little effect on gelation, in addition, the low volatility properties of PE waxes are very important to the calendering and vacuum degassing, and the PE wax is a good compatibility with the polymer, which plays a role in reducing the cohesion of the polymers within the polymer, In order to improve the internal friction and melt fluidity of plastic melt.

PE wax as an external lubricant is mainly to improve the polymer melt and processing equipment of the hot metal surface friction, it is less compatible with polymer, easy to migrate from the melt, so that the plastic melt and metal interface to form a thin layer of lubrication.