What are the uses of titanium dioxide

- Jun 26, 2017 -

Paint, plastic, ink, paper, including 60% of paint, plastic accounted for 20%, paper accounted for 14%, other (including cosmetics, chemical fiber, electronics, ceramics and other fields) accounted for 6%. Titanium dioxide in the rubber industry as a colorant, but also has a strong, anti-aging, filling role in the white and color rubber products to join the titanium dioxide, in the sunlight, sun-resistant, no cracking, no discoloration, large elongation and acid and alkali.

The rubber uses the titanium dioxide powder, mainly uses in the automobile tire as well as the rubber shoes, the balata floor, the glove, the sports equipment and so on, generally uses the anatase type primarily, but uses in the automobile tire production, often joins a certain quantity rutile type product, enhances the ozone-resisting and anti-ultraviolet ability.

Titanium dioxide in cosmetics is also increasingly widely used, because of the non-toxic titanium dioxide, far better than lead white, all kinds of powder almost all use titanium dioxide instead of lead white and white, sachet only to add Sieter-8 titanium dioxide can be permanent white, so that spices more creamy, have adhesion, absorption and covering power, in the gouache and cold titanium dioxide can reduce the greasy and transparent feeling.

Other spices, sunscreen,-, white soap and toothpaste can also be used in titanium dioxide, cosmetics grade titanium dioxide is divided into oily and water-based titanium dioxide, because of its stable chemical properties, high refractive index, high opacity, high coverage, whiteness, and no toxicity, is widely used in the field of cosmetics, beauty whitening effect.