Synthetic method of Lead Stearate

- Jun 26, 2017 -

1. Using the complex decomposition method, the stearic acid with 20 times times the weight of hot water dissolved, at about 90 degrees to add the concentration of 10 waves of the United States of caustic soda, the formation of dilute soap solution, and then, at the same temperature to add lead nitrate solution for the complex decomposition.

2. The calculated amount of stearic acid ethanol solution mixed with lead acetate aqueous solution, the release of lead stearate soap, water pouring method to the presence of free lead ions.

3. Add stearic acid to the reactor after melting, add sodium hydroxide solution, stir reaction, produce sodium stearate saponification liquid, then add dilute acetic acid lead solution, continue to stir reaction, discharge, dehydration, drying, crushing so you can get products.