Introduction of Polyethylene Wax

- Jun 26, 2017 -

Polyethylene wax is a kind of chemical material, in which the fineness of polyethylene wax is white small bead shape/flake shape, formed by the ethylene polymerization rubber processing agent, it has the high melting point, the hardness is big, the gloss degree is high, the color is white and so on characteristic.

Polyethylene wax is widely used in the coating of low molecular weight polyethylene aggregates or copolymers, the so-called wax, meaning that this polymer is finally a microcrystalline form of floating cloth in the coating surface of similar paraffin wax but also more diverse and practical role than paraffin.

The main functions of polyethylene wax in solvent-based coating are: extinction, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, anti-polishing, anti-engraving, adhesion prevention, sedimentation prevention, thixotropy, good lubricity and processability, metal pigment orientation.

The role of polyethylene wax depends on the following factors: the variety specifications of polyethylene wax, the final formation of the size of particle fineness, migration to the coating surface of the ability and composition of the coating, the nature of the substrate, construction and application methods.