Formula of calcium zinc composite stabilizer

- Jan 05, 2018 -

Formula of calcium zinc composite stabilizer

1: the crude wool acid was fused at 40-100 C.

2: the sodium hydroxide was dissolved in the ethanol water solution at 50-100 C, and the ethanol water solution was the ethanol water mixture of 80%-85% in the volume concentration of ethanol.

3: Step 1 melt the wool acid gradually added to the solution of step 2, at 50-100 degrees Celsius, the saponification reaction is 1-4h, the reaction principle is RCOOH+NaOH to RCOONa+H2O, and RCOOH is LANIC acid.

4: the reaction liquid hot adjust pH value 7-9, and then cooled to 40-70 DEG C, adding reaction liquid and water volume ratio (volume ratio 1:9-1:4), and then followed by adding calcium chloride and seven zinc sulfate, 1-4h of reaction products by pumping anxiety, alcohol washing, washing, drying and crushing is finished product.

Raw material compatibility: the mass ratio of wool acid to sodium hydroxide in this product is (5.3:3) - (8:1); the mass ratio of calcium chloride and seven water zinc sulphate is (1:1) - (1.5:1); the mass ratio of calcium zinc inorganic salt to crude wool acid is (0.9~1): 1.

Product application: This product is PVC heat stabilizer. It can be widely used in the fields of PVC wire and cable, pipe material, profile, toy, shoe making and so on.

The application is using the following ratio: PVC (SG-5) 100, wool acid calcium zinc stabilizer 3-5, BOVC-13 1.5-2, CPE (35%) 8-10, active light calcium titanium dioxide 4-6, 6-8, PE wax 0.5-1.

This product has the following advantages:

(1) the appearance of the product is light yellow powder, does not have the appearance of black and stink of raw wool acid; good compatibility thermal stability than other calcium zinc stabilizer is better with PVC, can replace zinc stearate.

(2) the source of raw materials is wide, the price is low, the preparation process is simple and easy to operate.

(3) safety and environmental protection, wool acid itself is nontoxic and has both moisturizing and moisturizing properties. It is the first time to use it for PVC stabilizer



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